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Priority Point System

What are Priority Points?

Priority points are the participation and loyalty point system for TCT exhibitors that allows them to select a booth prior to General Booth Sales.

How Do I Recieve Priority Points?

Priority Points are calculated through the following categories:

Participation in Previous TCT Conferences:

Ten (10) points will be awarded for every year a company has exhibited at the following TCT meetings: (years for which a company canceled will not count towards the history of participation.)

  • TCT 2019
  • TCT Connect (Engagement Hub)
  • TCT 2021 (Virtual Exhibit or Industry Hub)

Special circumstances will be handled as follows:

  • Mergers and acquisitions: If two companies have merged, the company with the higher number of points will have its points applied to this year’s process and beyond
  • Spin-offs: The parent company and the spin-off company will each receive points for prior participation in TCT
  • Co-ventures: Points will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for companies sharing a booth space one year and exhibiting separately in subsequent years

Current Year Booth Size:

Exhibitors will receive points based on the size of their TCT 2022 booth commitment.

In-line Booth: 10 points
100 to 300 square feet: 10 points

Island Booth: Up to 30 points
400 to 1,600 square feet: 20 points
More than 1,600 square feet: 30 points

Exhibiting at Another 2022 Meeting Sponsored by CRF:

Exhibitors will receive 20 points for exhibiting at any of the below 2022 CRF-sponsored meetings:

  • THT 2022
  • CTO 2022
  • Fellows 2022
  • TVT 2022

Please note, companies who cancel their participation will receive a 20-point deduction per canceled meeting for the 2022 priority point system.

Completion of Previous Year's TCT Survey:

Completing the TCT 2021 Exhibitor Survey is worth twenty (20) points.

Tie Breakers

If the total priority points between exhibitors are equal, a tie breaker to determine the order of booth selection will be decided by the date and payment an application is received. For this reason, we highly encourage you to submit your contract as soon as possible.

Criteria Not Considered for Priority Points

Examples of criteria that will not apply towards point accumulation include but are not limited to:

  • Grant support of the meeting
  • Relationships with TCT faculty members or CRF physicians and/or leadership
  • Sponsorship or support of a TCT satellite program, training program, or promotional activity

Point Deductions

  • Holding a social activity that conflicts with TCT scientific sessions and/or satellite programs: Twenty (20) points for every hour the company is in noncompliance.
  • Breaking TCT booth construction policy and/or freight-in-the-aisle policy: Ten (10) points for every foot exceeding the see-through policy, and ten (10) points for every hour freight remains in the aisle
  • Unethical conduct in the Exhibit Hall such as taking pictures or entering another company’s booth without permission: Point deduction at the discretion of TCT meeting management
  • Distributing product information outside of a company's own booth: Point deduction at the discretion of TCT meeting management
  • Early Move-Out: Twenty (20) points
  • Violation of any terms and conditions outlined in this digital prospectus: Point deduction at the discretion of TCT meeting management

Point Tally

After a TCT 2022 Contract is submitted, points will be tallied and companies will receive an e-mail from CRF Staff outlining their current priority points. Any point disputes must be submitted in writing to [email protected] no later than 48 hours after receiving notification.

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